The Most Iconic White Sneakers and the Up-And-Comers

White Sneakers have been a classic wardrobe staple for over a hundred years. White sneakers as a whole will never go out of style, their versatility will compliment almost any wardrobe. This list contains only just some of the most iconic White Sneakers, as well as a few pairs we believe are soon-to-be Iconic. 

Air Force One
Nike Air Force One 
One of the most iconic and popular white sneakers. It's been a classic for decades and will continue to be. It is also an in-house favorite of the Sneaker Rotation team. 
Adidas OG Superstar

Adidas Superstar (The OG)

Another iconic pair of white sneaker's from one of Nike's biggest competitors. The superstar has been a go-to for rappers, artists, creatives, and everyday people for decades and will surely be for decades to come. 


Common Projects Achillles Low

A cult favorite that has undoubtedly become iconic and will be in demand for decades to come. A sneaker for a sneaker head that enjoys the finer things, the Common Projects Achilles Low is made in Italy with fine leather. It's price tag scares away most but those who do purchase it often fall in love.

White Vans

White Vans

A much more accessible option compared to the Common Projects above, the White Vans are sleek and can be dressed up or down. Their popularity should not be understated. These Vans will be worn for hundreds of years to come, or at least during my lifetime. (If I'm wrong, I won't be around for you to tell me)

White Ultraboost

White Ultraboost

While the Ultraboost don't have the same hype they had in the 2015-2017 era, (especially after being worn by Kanye) they remain to be very popular. Adidas's Boost Tech gives the shoe an undeniable long-lasting comfort, making them a shoe that has hardened loyalists.


Gucci Ace

Another Luxury Sneaker, the Gucci Ace is iconic. Gucci's red and green contrasts well against white, but isn't too loud. As one might expect, this shoe carrys a very hefty price tag and maintains a level of exclusivity based on that alone - we suspect if you own this shoe, you like that.

 Keds White Sneaker


The original Ked's white sneakerr is over 100 years old. Introduced in 1916. It was designed to be an accessible and fashionable sneaker for women, and that it was. While Ked's doesn't have much of a foothold in the hypespace, and probably isn't on the rack of most sneaker heads, it is still worn by millions, women and men alike. It's influence should not be forgotten.

 Chuck Taylors

Chuck Taylor's

You might be thinking, "This sneaker should probably be higher on this list", and you're probably right. You can wear them as highs or lows. You can dress them up or dress them down. Wear them at a gym for lifting or wear them with a suit. Chuck Taylor's is an undeniable classic and will continue to be. If you're a sneaker head, you most likely have a pair of Chuck 70s.

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